Mission Statement

Produce and distribute Uro-oncology's contents for its associates / members / patients, bringing the innovation from several countries practice as subsidies to improve related health professionals processes and systems.


Promote integration of Latin American countries with regards to the work, the procedures and the experience exchanges in the area of Uro-oncology and its developments in one multi professional team that is active in this field (medical doctors [urologists, radiation therapists and clinical oncologists], nurses, anesthesiologists, physiotherapists, pathologists, hospital managers).

Organize scientific Meetings in order to present and publish the scientific work of their associates.

Promote scientific exchange among countries in terms of training (residence, fellowships), postgraduation and publication of scientific papers including cooperative studies in the area of Uro-Oncology.

Periodical distribution of UROLA's achievements.

Present new information and recommendations for its delegates.

Defend the interest of its delegates / members.

Help patients and related persons providing the best health care and support. It includes social programs and medical activities in Latin American countries with low economic profile.